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Free Download: Axiell Report: A review of UK libraries in 2017

Read our new infographic and report, “A review of UK libraries in 2017: A guide for delivering sustainable, community-centric services”. Based on a survey of library professionals and the follow up to 2015’s survey of library users, the report is available to download for free.

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Engage your community

Engage and inform your community through advanced digital solutions and tools

Manage your library

Intelligent tools to help you manage your library more efficiently and effectively

The virtual library

Our specialist solutions and expertise will help you create your own library of the future


We are specialist providers of innovative end-to-end technology solutions for public libraries, offering open, modular and extensible software, high-tech hardware and a range of business and operational support services to ensure seamless integration and operation of all of your library services.  We cater for the needs of all public libraries and work with libraries of every type; from large library consortia to community libraries.

We have a long track record of delivering successful library solutions and, as part of the Axiell Group, we have the shared expertise and experience of supporting over 4,000 public, educational and special interest libraries around the world.

Specialist public library solutions


Specialist public library solutions


Make your stock work harder, reduce your outstanding debts, improve the efficiency of your systems and much more with our range of services and training packages that aim to support your library and staff. We don’t just provide library systems, we provide support and guidance to ensure your long term return on investment.

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The service completely matched our expectations. At the end of the session, both my colleagues and I were confident about the implementation of dynamic stock as the entire package had been explored and explained thoroughly.
Helen Goddard, Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure
The value of this session is that you can interact with somebody who knows about the system, and who can answer questions and get answers if they don’t know themselves. Good things came out of this workshop – an explanation of the algorithm applied to shelf checks; an up to date copy of the Database Dictionary; some properly configured system options which had been missed.
Andy Baker, Bedfordshire


Privately owned business
European privately owned vendor
Over 1000 public library customers globally
World’s 3rd largest library IT business


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