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Solutions to help you manage the library

These are our staff-facing solutions and services, helping libraries manage staff, stock and users. Our solutions are designed to provide a simple and intuitive user experience, so team members aren’t held back doing back-office tasks and can concentrate on their role serving the community.

More time on high value commitments

Axiell’s Library Management solutions will enable your staff to work in a completely different way. With simpler workflows, the freedom of mobile and a powerful Library Management System that can manage and process all of the library’s data, staff and volunteers will be able to work more efficiently and effectively, and thus be able to concentrate more of their time where it is needed most; out in the community or with patrons within the library.

Take your library to the community with Axiell Spark

“Spark is a really great product. As it’s web-based and works on any device it helps us with outreach work in the community, and means we could do away with staffed counters in the library. It’s also extremely simple which makes training our workforce much easier, especially considering that not everyone has a traditional library background.”
Paul Drumm, (Formerly) Community Neighbourhoods Business Manager, Newham Council

Simple means better outcomes

Axiell Spark is a simple and intuitive cloud-based library management system interface for professional library staff, team members and volunteers.  We know that not everyone can be a librarian, but with Spark, anyone can help manage the library.

Spark is flexible, scalable and highly secure.  It will transform the way that the library is managed and give all those who serve customers the freedom to break free from their desks and get to where they are most needed – with the customer or out in the community, whether that’s online or in person.

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Transforming library management

Axiell Quria is our complete, cloud-based Library Services Platform. Make your Library a community hub through innovative use of digital technology:

  • Leverage our open and flexible technology platform to integrate Library services into a simple tool for your staff
  • Work smarter and with a deeper understanding of your stock and customers
  • Provide your staff, as well as your customers, with mobile solutions

Working together

Make your stock work harder, reduce your outstanding debts, improve the efficiency of your systems and much more with our range of services and training packages that aim to support your library and staff. We don’t just provide library management systems, we provide support and guidance to help you manage your library more efficiently and effectively, and crucially, ensure your long term return on investment.

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