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With years of experience in the library technology industry, our team of consultants understands that there are many aspects of the Axiell library management solution and that sometimes a little bit of help can go a long way. 

To help make the day to day running of your library service a little easier, we offer a range of consultancy packages so that you can get the most out of the tools you use.

Empower staff by giving them the knowledge to make informed changes and improve the service you provide for your customer with key insight into a range of topics. See below for a list of our consultancy packages.

Axiell Spark

Available Packages


Do you really understand how Circulation works or would you like to make changes to the way it works?

This session will give your staff a deeper understanding of the system configuration that controls the key functions within the circulation business area, empowering them to make informed changes to existing practices.

This is ideal for authorities who have been running the OpenGalaxy system for some time, have had staffing changes, or who are undergoing a review of lending or charging policies

Full info here


If you are struggling to get the LMS configuration applied to enable Self-Service Payment Handling, use Axiell’s expertise to configure this for you.

This package includes all elements on the LMS side of the payment transaction, and allows for consultation with self-service providers, but it does not include configuration on the self-service devices.

This is ideal for authorities already live with cash management implementing coin and/or card payments from their self-service machines and customers who do not have system management support or who require assistance with the OpenGalaxy configuration and branch support.

Full info here


Work with Axiell to improve and monitor how your stock is used so that you and your customers get more use out of each item.

This package includes an analysis of your current functionality that affects stock handling and where possible apply changes to implement new or changed functionality on your training or live system. We will also show you other products and service options that are available to improve stock management.

Suitable for existing customers live with OpenGalaxy circulation functionality, particularly those looking for efficiencies and facing reduced stock budgets.

Full info here


Successfully import bulk files of external circulation and/or cataloguing data into OpenGalaxy from another database.

With knowledge of our database and system we will provide full consultation to help you identify the records and data elements that will be mandatory and optional. Following the initial consultation meeting Axiell will document the scope, so that requirements are clear to all parties.

Suitable for existing Axiell customers needing to import a one-off load of single or multiple files of data into the OpenGalaxy database from another database source, e.g. the migration of borrowers and/or item holdings from another LMS, School or College. See also our standard Student Import package.

Note that new customers moving to OpenGalaxy from another LMS will have their core data migration included in their initial project, but this may be an additional option if data from another database is also required, e.g. to merge a college or housebound service.

Full info here


Do you know how to apply all the new functionality that OpenGalaxy can now offer?

We will help you in the assessment of the new functionality’s suitability to your needs and where required assist in their implementation.

Ideal for authorities that are in the process of upgrading, or who has already upgraded to OpenGalaxy 3.28 and non-managed customers with limited system management resource, as we will implement the new functionality to the live system if desired.

Full info here


Can your customers search and find what they are looking for and can they identify the correct version of a title when they do?

Have staff commented on titles being incorrectly indexed or displayed?

Through consultation and configuration we will aim to enhance the Arena Catalogue experience for your customers and staff.

This package is suitable for an existing library authority already live or upgrading Arena, or for those in the process of implementing it.

Full info here

Do you understand the configuration behind cash management, are their changes you need to make, or would you simply like to review current settings and identify any workflow savings?

Give your staff a deeper understanding of the system configuration that controls the functions, income codes and payment methods for integrated cash management; giving them more knowledge to review and enhance existing procedures.

This session also includes a look at the new web based banking pages and discussion on banking integration with your finance system.

Full info here


The complexities of running a modern library are wide ranging, so if you’re already familiar with the above packages or need help with something else, we can provide bespoke consultancy sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Click here to see some bespoke consultancy ideas.

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