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Data-Driven Decision Making

Data is becoming increasing valuable in the digital world, but making sense of all the information gathered by library systems can be difficult and time-consuming.

Axiell’s Management Information Service provides you with a set of reports on subjects including Acquisitions and Circulation, to help you make informed, data-driven decisions that can really improve your service. You can also request customised reports to answer FOI requests or aid decision making for library management, stock management and other critical decisions.

Reports are held on our secure portal and the service includes tailored packages for singular authorities and consortiums. Reports can be refreshed to a schedule, providing up-to-date information within a few clicks.

Axiell Spark

Available Packages


This service creates and maintains the MI Reports that are made available for statistical analysis of the Library Service through data stored OpenGalaxy and Arena. As part of this service Axiell will ensure that the spreadsheets are refreshed in a timely manner to be able to present accurate data to the Library Service.

Singular authority and consortium options are available.

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We also provide a service to create bespoke reports, set to your specifications.

This service is for requested reports that are not part of the Management Information Report Service or are extra to the reports delivered as part of this package. Bespoke reports may be a single report run once, or a report that is delivered via the reporting portal with a scheduled refresh.

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