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System Management Service

In order that you can provide the best service possible for your customers, Axiell offer services for managing both staff and customer facing systems.

Because not all library staff have time or sufficient training to update content on the library’s online portal or maintain LMS databases, we provide a managed services for both Arena and Systems Administration.

These services also include system monitoring to make sure you’re not offline when your patrons need you.

Axiell Spark

Available Packages


Arena Managed services removes the need for day to day maintenance of your customer facing website, ensuring your customers always see the most up to date information, and removing the need for locally trained staff.

The service is to make basic changes to Arena following handover from the Implementations Team, for example, adding/updating web content and making modifications to layout.

This service also includes external monitoring of the Arena Home Page and Catalogue Page to ensure that the Library Pages are available to the end user. If for any reason the page does not respond, alerts are sent to our on-call engineers to investigate.

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Using established best practice learnt over 40 years of managing the OpenGalaxy LMS, Axiell will manage and maintain the OpenGalaxy Database ensuring that it is kept in the most optimal state for efficient and effective operation of the Library Service.

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