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Digital services are driving the library of the future, facilitating innovation, efficiencies and improvements to the user experience for both library staff and patrons.  We recognise this and embrace digital techniques and technologies to improve both our solutions for libraries and our internal operations.

We offer a collection of digital solutions that will help libraries improve the user experience for their patrons and keep up with the changing technology landscape which has revolutionised the way people search for and consume information.  Our solutions will broaden the range of services available and change the way existing services are delivered.

Digital Library


Axiell Arena


Our Axiell Arena digital solution, from the perspective of a library patron, is a powerful search tool and access point for library services.  But it is also so much more; it acts as the hub for a number of other digital solutions, bringing together other applications to maintain a simple user experience for library staff and patrons alike.

The Axiell Arena interface is a truly versatile solution and can be connected to all library systems.  It can be used to integrate traditional library services with modern web integrations making it the complete library platform.

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Seamlessly integrate digital content into your existing library solution with our innovative application that draws content together from numerous digital content providers.  This content can then be accessed by library patrons via an OPAC.

By bringing together digital content from a variety of providers, Axiell eHUB drastically improves the user experience and offers libraries a response to the changing market which has seen a huge increase in the ownership of digital devices and eBook readers in recent years.

The solution is easily administered by library staff and also gives them access to data analytics they can use to spot trends in user behaviour.

Axiell eHUB


See how Axiell eHUB simplifies the user experience for library patrons.

Read about our partnerships with digital content providers that give library patrons access to even more titles through eHUB and Axiell’s digital discovery tool, Arena.

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