Is Your Library Ready for GDPR?

With less than a month remaining until the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law, plans and preparations should now have made way for actions and procedures. Yet feedback during the Axiell Gangs told us that many public libraries still feel unprepared. Therefore we have put together this blog to give you [...]

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Recommendations Engines: Let your users’ reading habits do the talking

Crime writer, Ann Cleeves, shared memories of her trips to the local library with her parents. She said: “I don’t remember any of my teachers from then but I do remember the librarian, Mrs McGregor. She knew the sort of books that I would like. Every trip was such a huge anticipation. She’d pull out [...]

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Big Data and libraries: getting the most from your library data

Library data & the change of focus Visiting the recent Leipzig Library Conference, talking to Queens Library, the manager of OBA Public Library in Amsterdam or reading the library guru R D Lankes’ thoughts, you see the pattern, the same message from forward looking librarians.  It’s about moving from collection based to community orientated [...]

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