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15% Off RemoteLocker

For a limited time, we are offering 15% off RemoteLocker self-service lockers. The RemoteLocker helps broaden your reach to the community, by giving users the ability to collect and return items at convenient locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With many not able to reach the library during standard opening hours, placing [...]

21 February 2017|Blog|

When is library automation right for your library?

Read this case study to see how this library uses their Axiell Aperio library automation solution. By extending your library's opening hours you can build engagement with your community through a more available service that's more flexible to people's daily routines. But you're probably wondering when, and how, to implement this; among other things. To help you [...]

22 November 2016|Blog|

Adapting Libraries for the always-on generation

As social and cultural institutions, it is to be expected that libraries, as with most things, will constantly need to evolve to reflect the changing makeup of the society and communities that they serve.  But today, aside from the obvious, libraries are facing another great challenge – Technology. In the context of libraries, the threat [...]

6 May 2016|Blog|