What we do…

We provide end-to-end technology solutions to organisations that manage catalogues and collections. Working across the cultural sector with Libraries, Archives, Museums, Galleries, Academic Institutions and more, our innovative technology and services are used by 700+ customers in the UK, and 3,000+ worldwide.

  • Our physical solutions: self-service tools to help your staff focus on high value tasks, and open library technology to extend opening hours
  • Our service solutions: there to support you and help you work more efficiently and effectively, with training, consultancy and more
  • Our cloud solutions: for the flexibility to share and work collaboratively, and the mobility to take your services beyond the confines of your building

We help you…

Engage your users by providing better access to culture; improving the end-user experience through simple, sustainable technology.

Manage your service and your catalogue or collection with simple, easy to use management tools that help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Plan for the future by giving you the right systems and services to help you test, analyse, learn and improve.

Grow and be successful by providing open, flexible and scalable solutions that enable you to do more for your communities and visitors.

Combining culture….

We are positioned to be able to facilitate access to information on cultural heritage, collections, library catalogues or digital media from across archives, museums, libraries and more. For our customers looking to combine cultural services it means they benefit from products, services and skills that span the cultural sector, all delivered from a single supplier.

For these customers what we offer is unique; a cultural solution that will let them explore new business models and seamlessly share resources and technologies across the organisation.

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