Axiell UK launches Axiell Content, a new content offer for libraries with a range of digital discovery tools for the web and mobile.

With Axiell Content you can:

Engage your community with relevant digital content on any device

Manage and distribute digital content to users quickly and easily

Create a publishing platform for your library


Choice and Flexibility

Axiell Content is an integrated cloud publishing platform that makes relevant digital content accessible to anyone, on any platform. It gives customers new levels of choice and flexibility, enabling them to offer a huge range of e-books and other e-media.  Axiell Content can fully integrate with any Library Management System to bring together over 2,500 publishers and millions of titles to any library in the UK.

Existing customers of Axiell can integrate e-media directly into their existing discovery interface via Axiell eHUB, while Libraries using another discovery interface can choose a digital content pack with the option to integrate e-media with their entire catalogue for an improved user experience.

Each option comes with access to the online Axiell Marketplace as standard; a place where libraries can purchase and manage their digital inventories online. In addition, libraries can improve the accessibility of their content via the Axiell Content mobile app.

The Axiell Marketplace also serves as a publishing platform for libraries, giving them the ability to publish and share their own content online, whether that’s content from their community or from partners. Once in the Axiell Marketplace the library can share for free or even monetise their new channel; it’s their choice how they manage and control their content.

Digital First

Axiell Content puts libraries and digital first, and aggregates content from over 2,500 publishers and other e-media sources into a single online marketplace.

Efficiency and Control

The flexible solution lets libraries not only choose the package that suits their needs, but also, via the Axiell Marketplace, manage their own content, purchases and business model. This business model management gives libraries the freedom to choose how they subscribe to content, via either pay-per-use, perpetual access or “one copy per user” licensing options. This simple approach gives libraries complete, intelligent control of their digital inventories, and real-time budget management to maximise their digital spend.


The Axiell Marketplace is powered by Odilo, one of the leading digital content providers for libraries. Odilo is dedicated to developing the most innovative and creative solutions for libraries. This partnership means that library data, and the data of library users is safe, secure, and will never be passed to any third parties, nor will users ever need to visit any third party services.

Arrange a demo or read more about Axiell Content here.

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