The London Libraries Consortium (LLC) is a business partnership of London Public Library Services committed to delivering excellence and providing value for money. This is achieved through shared resources in IT, stock management, utilising shared contract opportunities, staff development, training and knowledge sharing.

The LLC uses Axiell’s Multi-Authority software which is designed to enable library authorities to share a single Library Management System and still retain control over local business rules.

It has become crucial that libraries provide better, more cost-effective services for their customers and sharing resources through the consortia model is a fundamental step towards this.

London Libraries Consortium
“Being part of the LLC has brought enormous benefit to the library service at our authority. Not only has it been a real driver for innovation, but we have been able offer library solutions to our members that frankly we wouldn’t have been able to afford were we not a member of the LLC.” Paul Drumm, Community Neighbourhoods Business Manager, Newham Council.


Library consortium


The LLC is the UK’s largest public library consortium and growing.  Currently there are 16 members.

Shared services


Axiell’s solutions are able to support the specific needs of a consortium; the open and flexible platform catering perfectly for a shared services library model.

Library support


The LLC benefits from dedicated support in the form of a Service Delivery Manager, providing the highest quality of support.


Adding value for libraries

The Axiell consortium solution is both flexible and scalable; the LLC system issued 10,614,350 items last year, it had 262,008 new borrowers using the system, 423,373 new items added to the catalogue and has the capacity to scale further to accommodate new members.

By being part of the consortium model, members can potentially reduce their local overhead for systems maintenance and administration drastically. The service also includes full use of Axiell’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software allowing for significant back-office savings. In member authorities, this has resulted in the cost to put a book on a library shelf falling by over 88%.

As systems and services are shared, there are benefits to the library patron too. They now have the ability to borrow from over 240 libraries across London, with access to over 7 million items, all from a single library card. Patrons are given much more flexibility, as they can now borrow an item from one library and return it to another within the LLC.