Service Desk information for holiday period

The Axiell office (and Servicedesk) will be closed from Friday 22nd December 17:30 until Tuesday 2nd January. The normal out-of-hours service will be operational so that issues can either be logged via our self-service portal or, in the event of a priority 1 failure, via our out-of-hours phone service who will route your details to [...]

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Axiell User Conference 2018

Axiell European User Conference: Save the date for #AxiellEU2018 We’re pleased to announce the dates for the Axiell European User Conference 2018, taking place at the University of Glasgow. Last year, we welcomed over 300 Axiell users over 3 days designed to help our customers get the most out of their systems and get the information they [...]

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Axiell Spark: Rationale & Case Study

Spark simplifies workflows and gives staff the freedom to be where they are needed. It takes away some of the burden of managing a busy library by making common tasks quicker and easier. This invariably leads to more efficient and effective day-to-day management of the library. “Within a year our staff will be working in [...]

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A review of UK libraries in 2017

New research from Axiell UK highlights staffing, funding and technology as key challenges, and also suggests key areas for libraries to focus on in order to build sustainable and community-centric services. The survey of 150 UK-based library professionals, presented in the new report, "A review of UK libraries in 2017: A guide for delivering [...]

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SAVE THE DATE – Axiell User Conference 2017

We are extremely pleased to announce the Axiell User Conference to the UK. Having received feedback in the Axiell Customer Survey that you would like us to better communicate our plans for the future, provide more tips on using our systems and information on library tech innovation, we are excited that we will be [...]

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Digital Trends for Libraries: Ex Machina, the Deterministic and the Existential

...Part of our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: In the movie Ex Machina, the protagonist asks the master if the robot is “non-deterministic”. Some baulk and wince at the question, nothing programmed is “non-deterministic”. Others love it, it confirms the endless and [...]

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Internet of Things and the Internet of Relations (establishing community groups)

...Part of our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: “Everything connected” is driving a lot of development and looking at the forecasts we will have some 20-40 billion "things" connected by 2020 (up from 6 billion today). This will be of some convenience [...]

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Axiell Macmillan Fundraising

We are pleased to announce that members of the Axiell team managed to raise £126.18 (£157.72 with Gift Aid) for the Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Axiell UK will be supporting Macmillan in our charity and fundraising activities all year, after the charity came top in a staff vote. Coming up next will be a Halloween Afternoon, [...]

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Mind the gap – digital skills and the role of libraries

Transform the way you manage the library Transforming the way a library operates seems at the outset to be a rather grand undertaking but many services up and down the country are finding this a necessary step. What’s more, relatively small changes can make a huge difference. We spoke to David Walters of Tower Hamlets [...]

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