About SelfLib

SelfLib is a simple self-issue web-app that will run on any tablet or PC. With SelfLib, libraries can offer patrons a simple check-in/check-out functionality from anywhere in the library, including viewing and renewing loans and emailing receipts.

SelfLib also offers the option of contactless payments of fines and charges.

The benefits

Simple to install,
maintain & use

Setting up the software takes minutes and anyone can do it, and because updates happen automatically you never need to worry that you don’t have the latest version. The software is simple and intuitive so anyone can use it, even first-time users will know what to do.

& scalable

Your new self-issue points can be placed anywhere in the library near a power outlet and with a wireless internet connection. If you’re responsible for multiple libraries it’s simple and easy to redistribute your self-issue points as and when your needs change.

Low risk

As the demands placed on libraries constantly change, having a self-issue solution that is more flexible & efficient exposes your library to less risk should circumstances change. Even in the long term, you can re-purpose your hardware to make the most out of your investment.

Getting started is easy…

Buy your SelfLib software licence(s)

Source your hardware

You’ll need a tablet and a stand – we can help with this

Follow the quick-start guide

by visiting the SelfLib website from your new tablet

That’s it, you’re ready to go!

A user centered approach

Video: Esther Gregory, Virtual Library Manager – Customer Driven Innovation

Our goal is to always work in close cooperation with our customers, not least during the product development and innovation process. Because of this our customers have the opportunity to influence our roadmap and drive new developments. There is no better example of this than SelfLib, a product that is the direct result of collaboration, innovation and user-centered thinking.

Watch the video with Bedfordshire Libraries to find out more about SelfLib and our innovation process.

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