About the new and improved
Axiell Customer Service Portal

Axiell has invested in a new and improved customer services portal to allow us to provide the best possible services to all Axiell customers worldwide.

Throughout our history, Axiell has grown by acquiring companies each of whom managed individual support forums and help desk ticketing systems. This has meant that many Axiell customers receive support and services from us in completely different ways. We want to ensure that all Axiell customers, regardless of product, service, region or language can count on consistently high standards of service from us and the first step is consolidating our support systems. Read the announcement here

Manage your customer support needs

Support ticket, logging and tracking

You can easily log support tickets, and track the status of your requests live

Search FAQs 

Browse or search Frequently asked questions within the system

Request Services Easily

You can request services through your portal such as customisation work or report building

Check the status of services

Check on the status of services live, and get details of any possible disruptions to your service within the portal

Modern, easy to use support software, built around you

Axiell Customer Service Portal

Access your support system whenever you need to

Login through any browser from any device including mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Modern, easy to use interface

Designed to be an intuitive user experience, the system is easy to use for all users.

Personalise your views

You can favourite products and services, making it quicker to add tickets for the systems you work with most.

An integrated approach to customer services

Consistently High Standard Support

The new system will allow us to roll out best practice customer support practices across all of Axiell to ensure all our customers can count on the same quality of service.

Shared Support Information Between Staff

Logging support requests and account support information in a shared system means all our support staff can access information on your tickets and services. This means a wider range of staff will be able to help you when you get in contact.

A Holistic View of Customer Needs

Managing all out customers in one place, across all our areas of expertise; archive, libraries, museums, education and media will allow us to get a holistic view of customer needs and use this to inform company developments

Rollout of the system

We are rolling out the new customer services system throughout 2018 and 2019 in phases, taking one region at a time to ensure each local support team is set up correctly and can manage the transition effectively. Before we make a change in your region we will send out notifications with specific timelines. If you haven’t heard anything about this yet, that means we haven’t yet rolled this out in your region, and we’ll be in touch well before you need to log into a new system. Before the system gets rolled out for each region we will:


We’ll run some introductory webinars

We’ll run some free webinars to get you familiar with the support system and how it works.


You will be sent login instructions

Before the new system is up and running, you will be emailed new login details to use.


A Guide for the system

A quick user guide summary will be made available to get you up and running quickly.

Until then, simply continue to contact us using your normal support channels

Support Channels