Bold and Modern Arena Design Upgrade Now Available

Modernise your library's online presence with the latest design upgrade for Axiell Arena. Bring your library website in line with other leading cultural institutions and create a web presence that will highlight to your users the modern face of the public library. We are pleased to share with you two examples of recent Arena [...]

2017-12-19T16:15:58+01:0019 December 2017|Blog, News|

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Arena Site

Just as it important that you have friendly and helpful face to face interactions with your users, so it is important that the experience your users have when interacting with the library online is a positive one. Yet, when it comes to the digital world, the goalposts are always shifting. Things that were merely [...]

2017-09-29T10:30:24+01:0012 September 2017|Blog|

Axiell Launches new Content Platform

Axiell UK launches Axiell Content, a new content offer for libraries with a range of digital discovery tools for the web and mobile. With Axiell Content you can: Engage your community with relevant digital content on any device Manage and distribute digital content to users quickly and easily Create a publishing platform for your library [...]

2017-08-03T12:22:06+01:0014 October 2016|News|

The Lab and the Life Long Learning Endeavour: Establishing Learning Environments

...Part of our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: Sometimes dreams come true. “Everyone” is able to construct anything computer based and reach out with their innovations to anyone in the world. And the software could come in many shapes. People build software programs [...]

2017-08-03T12:11:11+01:007 October 2016|Blog|

Creating a mobile friendly library website

Research shows that 80% of council websites are now responsive, but that this rarely extends to the library sites. For those that use Axiell's Arena Discovery interface, there is the option to add a responsive design feature, which means that, whatever size screen the site is viewed on, it will automatically resize so that [...]

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...Part of our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: The sharing of knowledge, experiences and skills is part of the glue that keeps societies together and a core principal of the library. The internet has been a liberating force in terms of sharing, but [...]

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Recommendations Engines: Let your users’ reading habits do the talking

Crime writer, Ann Cleeves, shared memories of her trips to the local library with her parents. She said: “I don’t remember any of my teachers from then but I do remember the librarian, Mrs McGregor. She knew the sort of books that I would like. Every trip was such a huge anticipation. She’d pull out [...]

2016-10-20T04:57:29+01:0021 July 2016|Blog|

Responsive Design for Library Websites

The world has truly gone mobile, with more people now accessing the internet on phones or tablets than on desktops or laptops, especially younger people. But what does this mean for your library’s website? Put simply, it means that in order to provide the best user experience possible for your patrons, your online portal [...]

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Top 7 digital trends for libraries to follow in 2016

...The first in our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Read more recent posts here. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: The world is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies. Understanding these digital trends and identifying tomorrow’s expectations is essential for libraries to plan and incorporate new solutions that evolve both [...]

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