5 reasons why your library should offer online reading groups

Reading groups offered by libraries play an incredibly important role in supporting the library’s mission to improve reading and literacy.  A recent blog post by the Libraries Taskforce serves to highlight just how important they are.   Based on research that was supported by the SCL and The Reading Agency, the authors of the [...]

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Drammen Public Library selects Axiell’s digital-first Library Services Platform

Axiell, the leading vendor to libraries in Europe, today announces that Drammen Public Library in Norway has selected Axiell Quria, a cloud-based, digital-first Library Services Platform. Through the cooperation with Axiell to pilot and implement Axiell Quria, Drammen will start its digital transformation and become one of the most modern libraries in Europe. The [...]

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Digital Trends for Libraries: Big Data Going Personal

...Part of our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: Big Data will offer tremendous opportunities in very different areas like trimming marketing campaigns, better forecasts in all possible areas and smarter estimations of infrastructure needs. In all this we will see a higher [...]

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The Lab and the Life Long Learning Endeavour: Establishing Learning Environments

...Part of our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: Sometimes dreams come true. “Everyone” is able to construct anything computer based and reach out with their innovations to anyone in the world. And the software could come in many shapes. People build software programs [...]

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Creating a mobile friendly library website

Research shows that 80% of council websites are now responsive, but that this rarely extends to the library sites. For those that use Axiell's Arena Discovery interface, there is the option to add a responsive design feature, which means that, whatever size screen the site is viewed on, it will automatically resize so that [...]

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...Part of our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: The sharing of knowledge, experiences and skills is part of the glue that keeps societies together and a core principal of the library. The internet has been a liberating force in terms of sharing, but [...]

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Responsive Design for Library Websites

The world has truly gone mobile, with more people now accessing the internet on phones or tablets than on desktops or laptops, especially younger people. But what does this mean for your library’s website? Put simply, it means that in order to provide the best user experience possible for your patrons, your online portal [...]

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Top 7 digital trends for libraries to follow in 2016

...The first in our series on Digital Trends for Libraries in 2016. Read more recent posts here. Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: The world is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies. Understanding these digital trends and identifying tomorrow’s expectations is essential for libraries to plan and incorporate new solutions that evolve both [...]

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Axiell announces its digital-first Library Services Platform

It’s been a productive few months for us here at Axiell, we’ve made a number of announcements about our comprehensive Digital Library solutions, but we have one more still; and we’ve saved the biggest and best for last.... Say hello to Axiell Quria Quria is a cloud-based, digital-first Library Services Platform, designed to facilitate the [...]

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Research critical of Public Library websites… but there is hope!

Research by SOCITM is critical of the integration between online library services and councils’ main websites. Yet five out of the seven councils praised for the quality of their online experience used Axiell Arena, so let's take a look at how you can improve your library’s online presence. The online presence of an organisation is increasingly important [...]

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